Crime Victims

In 1976, the Ohio Legislature enacted the Crime Victims Compensation Act.  This law helps innocent victims of violent crime to recover their economic losses suffered as a result of the crime.  In 2000, SB 153 expanded benefits for some crime victims, and streamlined the application process.  Victims of violent crime must apply for compensation and meet certain eligibility requirements.

The Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program provides reimbursement for certain out-of-pocket expenses that result when innocent victims are physically injured, emotionally harmed or killed by violent criminal acts.

Applications for compensation are available at victim assistance programs, prosecutor’s offices, most police stations, county common pleas courts or by calling the Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program’s toll-free nurnber:1-800-582-2877.

Completed applications can be sent to:

Ohio Attorney General’s Office
150 E. Gay Street, 25th floor
Columbus, OH  43215.

You may also file a claim directly online from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office Web Site at:

By law, the Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program can provide only compensation to injured victims of violent crime. Other types of assistance may be available from your local victim assistance program.